Shape Your Customer Behavior

Turn Your Data Into Personalized and Relevant Engagements


Predictive Analytics Demystified

Stat-Market is the developer of Barometer™ – advanced predictive marketing solution for marketers, providing you with cost-effective, automatic next-best-action for each customer engagement based on predictive analytics insights.

You Get

  • The most profitable next course of action for each customer or lead
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Conversion Probability
  • Campaign potential value
  • VIP early detection
  • Pricing elasticity
  • Churn win-back

You Gain

  • Optimized acquisition of high LTV customers
  • Cost effective expansion of customers’ share of wallet
  • Increased retention
  • Higher ROI on marketing campaigns
  • 1:1 personalization and engagement with your customers

We’re Unique

Barometer not only predicts what each customer will do next, but also what’s the best next action you should take to best influence your customers’ behavior with the most profitable course of action.

Our Mission

You don’t need to be a data scientist to enjoy predictive analytics: our mission is to deliver automated, easy-to-use, self-learning solutions that create value through predictive modeling with automated actionable insights.

Instead of predicting “what the customer will do next”, we tackle the more important question: “how to best influence the customer behavior?”



eMail Marketing

Mobile & Online

Predictive Campaigns

Social Media

Why Stat-Market


  • Predictive Marketing vs. Predictive Analytics

We make the real leap from predictive analytics to predictive marketing – as we predict not only how the customer will behave but also what is the best action at the relevant timing to maximize customer experience and business success.

  • Proven Multi-Industry Track Record

The technology powering Barometer’s different modules has been successfully implemented and tested in different industries, such as: online gaming, Forex, e-commerce and retail, banking and insurance, telecommunications, travel & leisure, mobile applications, pharmaceutical and others.