Product Tour – Barometer Platform

  • What is Barometer
  • A multi-channel, self-learning, automatic predictive-modeling (predictive analytics) SaaS platform that easily integrates to your data sources, extracts the relevant information and applies advanced statistical and machine-learning algorithms to provide actionable marketing insights.

  • Proven Experience
  • Barometer’s “brain” is based both on tried-and-proven machine-learning algorithms and expert vertical knowledge accumulated over numerous years of experience by Stat-Market’s professionals – who are some of the best pros in the industry.

  • You don’t need to be a data scientist to enjoy the fruits of predictive analytics
  • Our products are designed to be used by marketers, sales people and other managers without any technical background.

  • Enriched Customer Profile
  • Barometer gathers and manipulates data from your various data sources, as well as from 3rd party data sources (online and offline), creating SignMart™ – a holistic view of a customer.

  • Multi-Channel
  • Barometer provides different interfaces for different marketing domains/channels, all drawing on the same core predictive engine. The interfaces (“modules”) operation can be conjoined to implement a uniform, multi-channel marketing strategy.


Predictive Email Marketing

Personalize marketing email with relevant subject line and likely-to-be-interesting content, and send it at the time with highest click-through likelihood

  • Effective solution for continuous customer and prospect engagement, easy integration to existing campaign management or email marketing
  • Immediate increase in open and click rates, whether analyzing email behavior only or full customer profile
Mobile & Online Marketing

Real time recommendation engine: personalized marketing offers based on likelihood to purchase (next best activity / next best offer).

  • Webpage recommendations, banners, online or mobile ads, up/x-sell, social media, etc.
  • Self-optimizing: recommendations are continuously updated
  • Algorithm uses each customer personal history and like-customers activity
Predictive Campaigns

Optimize campaign management and CRM outbound marketing by focusing on the most valuable customers: personalize offers with the most relevant and profitable offer for each customer and its likelihood to purchase

  • Identify quality priority leads for optimized inbound sales
  • Plethora of reports and interactive optimization tools such as: ROI calculator, LTV calculator, etc.
  • Integration with various CRM / campaign management systems
Social Media Marketing

Enrich your data with insights from social networks. Use social habits and social segments to improve marketing targeting.

  • Boost sales by using social activity to enriching your data
  • Optimize social media marketing